Silhouettes of Taipei – A mini-series

Most of us probably don’t have any big projects going on or have someone hiring them for their work. This means that you are free to shoot whatever you like. While this gives you the possibility to be as creative as you can be, creative constraints often help you to channel all the ideas you have.Doing a series is a great way to do exactly that.

It helps you to play with your subject or style you want your image to have. By shooting several images of a theme also lets you analyse what it is you like about it and how to reproduce that somewhere else. Of course, doing a series takes time. Certain opportunities don’t happen everyday and thus it can take years until you have taken enough images to call it one.



Do a mini-series



What you can do however, are mini-series. Take one place and a certain theme or rule and then shoot whatever comes by that fits into your theme. An example might be shooting into every bus that passes you or capturing every scene that contains at least three red elements. These are just ideas but the rules are totally up to you.

What I did about three months ago was a series of silhouettes taken at a spot in the Taipei MRT. My girlfriend received an important phone call, so I had no choice but waiting for her to finish. Then I noticed this empty billboard that was lit up from behind and all the people passing this spot. I grabbed my camera and for the next about 30-40 minutes I took an image of every person that came by. This gave my and interesting variety of silhouettes in front of more or less the same background. It made me realize once more why I love silhouettes so much. Even though they show you nothing but the outline of people, they still tell so much about a person and it can go so much deeper than an image with normal lighting.



The end results


I don’t want to write too much this week but instead let the images speak for themselves. So here are the keepers from those 30 minutes




Have you done a series before? What were the results?

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